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Delhi Orthodox Diocese – Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church
Delhi Orthodox Diocese – Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church
Delhi Orthodox Diocese – Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church

Diocesan Cultural Competition

OSSAE-OKR Delhi Diocese, celebrates their festival of talents every year on October 2nd, where the Sunday School students from the parishes of the Diocese come and showcase their talents. This year too, the Cultural Competitions were held at St. Thomas School, Indirapuram; where around 200 students 19 parishes of the Diocese participated.

Overall Champion OSSAE OKR Delhi Diocese Cultural Competition for the Year 2023
1st Position- St Thomas Orthodox Church Ghaziabad
2nd Position-Mar Gregorios Orthodox Church Janakpuri
3rd Position- St Stephen’s Orthodox Church, Dilshad Garden

District level winners:

  1. East- Ghaziabad
  2. South east- Hauz Khas and Faridabad
  3. West- Janakpuri
  4. UP North- Meerut
  5. Punjab &Haryana – Chandigarh
  6. Rajasthan- Jaipur DCM

The following is the list of Unit Level Winners:

Sub Junior Action Song1stAnzera SarathMar Gregorios, JanakpuriWest
2ndDale Suzane BriteSt. Mary’s, Hauz KhasSouth East
3rdNikita Anna ZachariahMar Gregorios, BhiwadiWest
Sub Junior Colouring1stAngel AbiMar Gregorios, JanakpuriWest
2ndRachel GabrielSt. Mary’s, Hauz KhasSouth East
3rdAgnes Sara DavidSt. George, DwarkaWest
Junior Bible Story Telling1stEdward MathewSt. Thomas, GhaziabadEast
2ndAbigail Anna GeorgeSt. Mary’s, FaridabadSouth East
3rdHannah  Ann KurianSt. John’s, MV-IEast
Junior Group Song1stHannah  Ann KurianSt. John’s, MV-IEast
1stJerome Thomas AbrahamSt. John’s, MV-IEast
1stJoana Mariam KurianSt. John’s, MV-IEast
2ndHelna Ann BijoySt. Stephen’s, Dilshad GardenEast
2ndSerah BijuSt. Stephen’s, Dilshad GardenEast
2ndZyana Sara JohnSt. Stephen’s, Dilshad GardenEast
3rdAbigail Anna GeorgeSt. Mary’s, FaridabadSouth East
3rdFeona Robin ThomasSt. Mary’s, FaridabadSouth East
3rdSteffy RenjinSt. Mary’s, FaridabadSouth East
Junior Drawing1stSteffy RenjinSt. Mary’s, FaridabadSouth East
2ndMerilyn AbiSt. George, DwarkaWest
3rdJanice Ann GeorgeSt. Joseph’s, TughlakabadSouth East
3rdRhea Sarah JoySt. Stephen’s, Dilshad GardenEast
Intermediate Elocution1stJoanaah Eliza JacobSt. Mary’s, Hauz KhasSouth East
2ndStephy Mariam SajiSt. John’s, MV-IEast
3rdMarleen Alex JacobMar Gregorios, NoidaSouth East
Intermediate Group Song1stAlaina RatheeshSt. Mary’s, FaridabadSouth East
1stChristeena Theresa BejoySt. Mary’s, FaridabadSouth East
2ndAashinya SajiMar Gregorios, MeerutUP North
2ndIvan IsaacMar Gregorios, MeerutUP North
3rdAbel S ThomasSt. Thomas, GhaziabadEast
3rdBasil Saji AbrahamSt. Thomas, GhaziabadEast
3rdMerlin GeorgeSt. Thomas, GhaziabadEast
Intermediate Bible Verse1stRyan MathewSt. Thomas, Jaipur DCMRajasthan
2ndBenita BijuSt. Basil, RohiniWest
3rdChristeena Theresa BejoySt. Mary’s, FaridabadSouth East
3rdEmil Susan BabuMar Gregorios, JanakpuriWest
Senior Elocution1stAleesha DanielSt. Joseph’s, TughlakabadSouth East
2ndElaine Mary ThomasMar Gregorios, JanakpuriWest
3rdGrace SusanneSt. Thomas, GhaziabadEast
Senior Solo1stManya P SajanSt. Thomas, GhaziabadEast
2ndAbhinav RatheeshSt. Mary’s, FaridabadSouth East
3rdJerom K. JaymonSt. Stephen’s, Dilshad GardenEast
Senior Essay1stGrace SusanneSt. Thomas, GhaziabadEast
2ndNeha Mary ZachariahMar Gregorios, BhiwadiWest
3rdReena Sonia ThomasSt. Mary’s, ChandigarhPunj & Har
Senior Quiz1stActha M VargheseMar Gregorios, JanakpuriWest
1stAngel SajiMar Gregorios, JanakpuriWest
1stLiya ThomasMar Gregorios, JanakpuriWest
2ndDeyon Jolly JacobSt. Thomas, GhaziabadEast
2ndDora Mary JoySt. Thomas, GhaziabadEast
2ndRebecca JohnSt. Thomas, GhaziabadEast
3rdJaunita Sajan GeorgeMar Gregorios, NoidaSouth East
3rdLibin VargheseMar Gregorios, NoidaSouth East
3rdSteffin  MoncyMar Gregorios, NoidaSouth East
3rdAlona Ann JojySt. Mary’s, Hauz KhasSouth East
3rdMahima Ann JeenuSt. Mary’s, Hauz KhasSouth East
3rdRoshna Eliza ShajiSt. Mary’s, Hauz KhasSouth East
Senior Extempore1stAakarsh Jacob MathewSt. Thomas, GhaziabadEast
2ndDivya Mariam JohnMar Gregorios, JanakpuriWest
3rdAngella Rachel AbeySt. Stephen’s, Dilshad GardenEast
Secondary Elocution1stAbiya Ann AjiSt. Thomas, GhaziabadEast
2ndAneena SabuSt. Stephen’s, Dilshad GardenEast
3rdAleena Daniel St. Joseph’s, TughlakabadSouth East
Secondary Solo1stSheba Susan Roy  St. Joseph’s, TughlakabadSouth East
2ndEliza Anna GeorgeSt. Mary’s, Hauz KhasSouth East
3rdAneena SabuSt. Stephen’s, Dilshad GardenEast
Secondary Essay1stSania Rose SajiSt. Stephen’s, Dilshad GardenEast
2ndJustin JohnsonSt. Mary’s, ChandigarhPunj & Har
3rdBrighty BabuSt. John’s, MV-IEast
Secondary Quiz1stAnitt Hanna BabuMar Gregorios, JanakpuriWest
1stJonathan Jojo ThomasMar Gregorios, JanakpuriWest
1stKezia SimonMar Gregorios, JanakpuriWest
2ndAlan K. SajiSt. Stephen’s, Dilshad GardenEast
2ndAneena SabuSt. Stephen’s, Dilshad GardenEast
2ndSania Rose SajiSt. Stephen’s, Dilshad GardenEast
3rdAleena Daniel St. Joseph’s, TughlakabadSouth East
3rdSheba Susan Roy  St. Joseph’s, TughlakabadSouth East
3rdSijo ThomasSt. Joseph’s, TughlakabadSouth East
3rdEliza Anna GeorgeSt. Mary’s, Hauz KhasSouth East
3rdFeba Sara SunilSt. Mary’s, Hauz KhasSouth East
3rdNoel ThomasSt. Mary’s, Hauz KhasSouth East
Secondary Extempore1stJonathan Jojo ThomasMar Gregorios, JanakpuriWest
2ndAngelin BabuSt. Thomas, GhaziabadEast
3rdEliza Anna GeorgeSt. Mary’s, Hauz KhasSouth East


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